Church ministry “Helping Hands”

New Life Russian Church

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Alexey J.

Can help those who would like advice on how to start their career in IT, as well as advise on optimizing resumes for the IT field

Viktor S.

Leads seminars for couples and does couples counseling

Evghenii P.

Is willing to lend a helping hand when physical manpower is needed such as during a move

Dimitry L.

Tutor in mathematics, as well as violin instructor for beginners

Katherine P.

Can help with translation from Russian to English, as well as editing text

Alina A.

Can assist in coaching for potential job interviews

Iryna A.

Is able to cook the most excellent meals you’ve ever seen, as well as helping with cleaning and is able to assist if anyone needs a ride

Valeriy A.

Car mechanic- can assist with mechanic and bodywork. Can also help in the home with electricity, plumbing and other work

Dimitry K.

Consult on how to start a career as a software tester (QA); what to study, which classes to take. Can also answer resume questions

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