Family Counseling

New Life Church

God created a family in the beginning, and to this day, we follow this example of one man and one woman in holy matrimony before God. We believe that families are the nucleus of society, and we are passionate about helping families become stronger.

Twice a month, we have a gathering of married couples, and together we learn how God can make our marriage glorious. The books we go through study topics such as child rearing, kind vs destructive words, finances, love and respect, spiritual growth, etc. For information on these bi-monthly gatherings, please contact Sergei Potorac at

We also have “Open Heart” seminars every other month, led by our family counselor, Viktar Somov. These seminars are geared toward married couples and cover topics such as uncovering hidden sin, encouraging each other, jealousy, bitterness, and many other questions or conflicts that couples go through. For more information, you can contact Viktar Somov at