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Em7     C      G     D
C     Em7      D

Verse 1

Em7Nothing can Cseparate
GEven if I ran Daway
Em7Your love never failsC G D
Em7I know I still make Cmistakes
But You Ghave new mercy for me Deveryday
Cause Your Em7love never failsC    G    D


C You stay the same Gthrough the ages
DAm7Your love never Cchanges
There may be pain in Gthe night
But Djoy comes with the morningAm7
CGWhen the oceans Drage
I don’t have Am7to be afraid
CBecause I know Gthat You love Dme
And Your love never fails C    Em7      D

Verse 2

Em7The wind is strong and the water’s Cdeep
But GI’m not alone here in these open Dseas
Cause Your Em7love never failsC    G    D
Em7The chasm was far tooC wide
GI never thought I’d reach the other Dside
But Your Em7love never failsC    G    D


CAll things work Em7together for my Dgood
Repeat 4x

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