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Verse: 1
CWonderful FMerciful CSavior F
CPrecious FRedeemer and GFriend
AmWho would have thought that a FLamb could
CRescue the Gsouls of Ammen, FOh You Crescue the Gsouls of Cmen

Verse: 2
CCounselor, FComforter, CKeeperF
CSpirit we Flong to Gembrace
AmYou offer hope when our Fhearts have
CHopelessly Glost the Amway, FOh we Chopelessly Glost the Cway

AmYou are the One that we FpraiseG
AmYou are the One we FadoreG
AmYou give the healing and Fgrace our
CHearts always Ghunger Amfor, FOh our Chearts always Ghunger Cfor

Verse: 3
CAlmighty Finfinite CFatherF
CFaithfully Floving Your Gown
AmHerein our weakness You Ffind us
CFalling Gbefore Your Amthrone, FOh we’re Cfalling Gbefore Your Cthrone

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