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G Csus2 G Csus2

Verse 1:

GLord I Csus2come, I Gconfess
DBowing Em7here DI find my Crest
Without GYou, I Cfall Gapart
GYou’re the Done that Dguides my Cheart


Lord, I Gneed You, Coh I Gneed DYou
Em7Every Chour I Gneed DYou
MyG one Cdefense, Gmy righteousnessC
Oh GGod, how I Dneed CYou

Verse : 2

Where sin runs Gdeep, Your Cgrace is Gmore
Where grace is Emfound is Dwhere You Care
And where You Gare Lord I Cam Gfree
GHoliness Dis Christin Cme


So Cteach my Gsong to Drise to Em7You
EmWhen temptation Gcomes my Cway
And when I Ccannot Gstand I’ll Dfall on EmYou
CJesus You’re my Dhope and Gstay

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