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Intro: 2x
Bm A G

Verse 1:
BmSavior I Acome
quiet my Gsoul Aremember
Bmredemptions Ahill
where Your blood was Gspilled
for my DransomA

Emeverything I Aonce held dear
I Bmcount it Aall as Glost

lead me to the Gcross
where Your Dlove poured Aout
bring me to my Gknees
Lord i Dlay me Adown
rid me of BmmyselfG
I Dbelong to AYou
lead Emme
Glead me Ato the Bmcross

Outro: 2x

Bm A G D

Verse 2:
BmYou were as AI
tempted and Gtrialed
DYou Aare
Bmthe word became Aflesh
bore my sin and Gdeath
Dnow You’re Arisen

to your Dheart G A
to your Dheart G A
lead me to your Dheart G A
lead me to your Dheart G A

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