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Verse: 1

In CChrist Galone my Chope is Dfound
GHe is my Clight my Dstrength my Gsong
ThisC GCornerstone, this Csolid DGround
GFirm through the Cfiercest Ddrought and Gstorm
What Gheights of Clove, what Gdepths of Dpeace
When Gfears are Cstilled when Gstrivings Dcease!
MyC ComforterG my CAll in DAll
GHere in the Clove of DChrist I Gstand

Verse: 2

In CChrist Galone! – who Ctook on Dflesh
GFullness of CGod in Dhelpless Gbabe!
This CGift of Glove and CrighteousnessD
GScorned by the Cones He Dcame to Gsave
Till Gon that Ccross as GJesus Cdied
The Gwrath of CGod was GsatisfiedD
For Cevery Gsin on CHim was Dlaid:
GHere in the Cdeath of D Christ I Glive

Verse: 3

There Cin the Gground His Cbody Dlay
GLight of the Cworld by Ddarkness Gslain
Then Cbursting Gforth in Cglorious DDay
GUp from the Cgrave He Drose Gagain!
And Gas He Cstands in CvictoryD
Sin’s Gcurse has Clost its Ggrip on Dme
For CI am GHis and CHe is Dmine –
GBought with the Cprecious Dblood of GChrist

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Verse: 4

No Dguilt in Alife no Dfear in Edeath
AThis is the Dpower of EChrist in Ame
From Dlife’s first Acry to Dfinal Ebreath
AJesus Dcommands my Edestiny A
No Apower of Dhell no Ascheme of Eman
Can Aever Dpluck me Afrom His Ehand
Till Dhe Areturns or Dcalls me Ehome
AHere in the Dpower of EChrist I’ll Astand!

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