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Russian Version

Verse: 1

CAll to Jesus,G I Esurrender, Amall toF Him I Gfreely Cgive
CI will ever Glove and Etrust him
AmIn His Fpresence Gdaily Clive


CI surrender Dmall, I Gsurrender Call
CAll to thee, my Cblessed FSavior, GI surrender Call

Verse: 2

CAll to Jesus,G I Esurrender, Amhumbly Fat His Gfeet I Cbow
CWorldly pleasure Gall Eforsaken
AmTake me FJesus, Gtake me Cnow

Verse: 3

CAll to Jesus,G I Esurrender,Am Make Fme Savior,G wholly CThine
CLet me feel the GHoly ESpirit
AmTruly Fknow that GThou art Cmine

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