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C G Dm Am F C G

Verse: 1

CWe are a Gmoment DmYou are Amforever
FLord of the CVages B#God before GtimeG
CWe are a Gvapor DmYou are Ameternal
FLove Ceverlasting B#reigning on highG


AmHoly Fholy CLord God GAlmighty
AmWorthy Fis the CLamb Who was Gslain
AmHighest Fpraises Chonor and Gglory
DmBe Amunto Your Gname
DmBe Amunto Your Gname A

Verse: 2

CWe are the Gbroken DmYou are the Amhealer
FJesus CRedeemer B#mighty to Gsave
CYou are the Glove Dmsong we’ll sing Amforever
FBowing before CYou B#blessing Your Gname

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