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Verse: 1

DI once Awas lostD in Gdarkest night AYet thoughtD I knew the way.
The sin Athat Dpromised Gjoy and Alife Had Dled me to the grave.
I had Ano hope that BmYou would Gown DA rebel to Your will.
And if EmYou had not Bmloved me Gfirst I Awould refuse You still.

Verse: 2

DBut as I Aran myD hell – Gbound race AIndifferentD to the cost
You Alooked Dupon Gmy helpless Astate DAnd led me to the cross.
And I Abeheld God’sBm love Gdisplayed DYou suffered in my place
You Embore the wrath Bmreserved for Gme ANow all I know is grace.


Hal-leG – luD – jah! AAll I Bmhave is Christ
Hal-leG – luBm – jah! AJesus isD my life

Verse: 3

DNow, ALord, I Dwould Gbe Yours Aalone And Dlive so all might see
The Astrength to Dfollow GYour Acommands DCould never come from me.
Oh AFather, use my BmransomedG life DIn any way You choose.
And letEm my song Bmforever beG My Aonly boast is You.

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