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Verse: 1
GI hear the Savior say
Thy Dstrength indeed is Gsmall
Child of Em7weakness, watch and Cpray
Find in GMe thine Dall in Gall

Cause GJesus paid it Emall
GAll to Him I owe
GSin had left a Ccrimson stain
He Gwashed it Dwhite as Gsnow

Verse: 2
GLord, now indeed I find
DThy pow’r and Thine Galone
Em7Can change the leper’s Cspots
And Gmelt the Dheart of Gstone

Verse: 3
And Gwhen before the throne
I Dstand in Him Gcomplete
Jesus Em7died my soul to Csave
My Glips shall Dstill Grepeat

Bridge: 1
Oh, Gpraise the One who Gsuspaid my debt
And Graised this life up Gsusfrom the dead

Bridge: 2
Oh, Gpraise the One who C2paid my debt
And Graised this life up C2from the dead

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