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DBlessing Emand Dhonour, Glory Emand Dpower
Be unto the A2/C#Ancient of BmDays A2/C#
DFrom Emev‘ry Dnation, all of EmcreationD
Bm7Bow before the AncientA2/C# of DaysD


GEvery tongue in Emheaven and Aearth
Shall declare Your Dglory
GEvery knee shall Em7bow at Your Athrone
In DworshipF#m7
GYou will be Em7exalted O AGod
DAnd your GKingdom shall Em7not pass Aaway
O GAncient of DDays Csus


Your DKingdom shall reign over all the earth
CSing Gunto the AmAncient Cof DDays
For Dnone can compare to Your matchless worth
CSing Gunto the AmAncient Cof DDays

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