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Bless the CLord, O my Gsoul,
D/F#O my Emsoul,
CWorship His Gholy Dname D.
Sing like Cnever Embefore,
C0 Dmy Emsoul.
I’ll Cworship Your Dholy name.G

Verse 1:

The Csun comes Gup, it’s a Dnew day Emdawning;
CIt’s time toGsing Your Dsong againD.
CWhatever may Gpass, and whateverDlies Embefore me,
CLet me be Gsinging when the Deven- ing Gcomes.

Verse 2:

You’re Crich in Glove, and You’re Dslow to Emanger.
Your Cname is Ggreat, and Your Dheart is Emkind.
For Call Your Ggoodness, I will Dkeep on Emsinging;
CTen thousand Greasons for my Dheart to Gfind.

Verse 3:

And Con that Gday when my Dstrength is Emfailing,
The Cend draws Gnear, and my Dtime has Emcome;
CStill my Gsoul will sing Your Dpraise Emunending:
CTen thousand Gyears and then fore D– – Gvermore!

EmI’ll Cworship Your Dholy Emname.
Yes, I’ll Cworship Your Dholy Gname.

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