“The Lord is my rock and my FORTRESS…” – Psalms 18:21

We meet every Friday at 7:30 PM.

Fortress, is a Christian center intended for students and young professionals with a desire to explore God and meet great people. There are thousands of young and fascinating Russian speaking people in the area, and one of the intentions of Fortress (Крепость) is to create a friendly and positive venue, in which they can come together. The Internet is great, and cyber social networking can be useful, but people are created for live relationships.

Our meetings are informal, fun and intriguing—arranged around life-applicable discussion, as our goal is to facilitate the creation of genuine relationships, not superficial socializing. We do this because the essence of Christianity is relationships! The heart of God is for all people to have a loving relationship with him, and loving relationships with one another.

Our meeting format varies, with something new every week. However, when you do come, you can be sure to be warmly welcomed, experience terrific live music, and encounter God. God calls us to truly search him out; he says “Come now, let us reason together,” and “taste and see that the LORD is good.