Deacon Adam Butler

Adam Butler and his beautiful wife Irina have been serving the Lord at New Life with much fervor. Born and raised in the US, Adam’s love for Jesus grew as he went from childhood through adulthood. Adam enjoys the Russian language and culture, and now serves the Lord at New Life where he has been a member since 2005. As a deacon, Adam’s heart goes out to those who are lost and in need. Whether it’s evangelizing at a college campus or spreading the love of God in children’s camps both here in the US and overseas. Adam particularly enjoys teaching others in SundaySchool and in special weekend get-togethers from time to time

Deacon Eugen Potorac

Eugen Potorac is originally from Moldova where his parents raised him to walk in the ways of Jesus Christ. Eugen attended University in France where he lived with a Christian missionary. Eugen later moved to the United States in 2005. He immediately began attending New Life and it was at this time in his life that Eugen grew significantly closer to God and made it his mission to serve Him with all of his heart. Soon after, Eugen met his lovely wife, Katie. Now, with their two young daughters, Eugen and Katie tirelessly serve the Lord through mission work in Moldova and directing children’s camps in the US. As a deacon, Eugen’s top priority is serving God and serving His people. It is with great joy and satisfaction that he carries on this wonderful ministry for Jesus Christ.

Deacon Richard Green

Richard Green was born into a Christian family in the state of Michigan. Both his parents were active in the music ministry and helped nourish Richard’s gift of music from long ago.  He accepted the Lord at age 12, and was baptized as a believing adult Christian. Richard studied the Russian language and serviced in the U.S. Army as a Russian analyst. He was also able to go there on several mission trips . Richard has been passionately serving the Lord at New Life Russian Church along with his sweet wife, Liuba. They generously donate much of their time and resources to mission work in the US, as well as overseas. As a deacon, Richard is the perfect example of a serving heart. New Life is so blessed to have him and his wife on it’s team!

Deacon Andrey Martinkov
Andrey was born in the mountainous city of Almaty, Kazakhstan and grew up in Kovrov, Russia. At the age of 18, Andrey and his family moved to the United States where Andrey gave his heart to the Lord and became a christian! New Life Church has helped him grow closer to God through prayer, fellowship, and the studying of the Bible. Andrey has been on several missionary trips focused on bringing aid to local churches and very underprivileged orphanages overseas. He and his MOST BEAUTIFUL wife, Julia, continue to serve God at New Life through a variety of ministries including music, media, and so much more!
Deacon Pavel Kontsevenko
Pavel grew up in Belarus into a loving Christian home. In fact, him and his brothers were triplets! Although he lived a very active lifestyle, Pavel always made time to study God’s Word and to know Him more. He dedicated his life to God at an early age and was later baptized. He moved to the US ten years ago with his wonderful wife, Alyona, and their family. Pavel now serves God at New Life and is especially fired up about every ministry he puts his hands to, including the youth ministry, camps, Christmas plays, and so much more. Him and his wife are very active and passionate for God!
Deacon Ruslan Melnikov
Ruslan Melnikov was born and raised in the beautiful country of Ukraine. Ruslan came to church for the first time at age 17 and then a year later became a Christian and was baptized. Ruslan passionately uses his time and efforts to doing the Lord’s work. He especially enjoys participating in evangelism outreach to college students and leading Sunday School classes for adults. Ruslan and his lovely wife, Tanya, are both excellent examples of God’s loving-kindness and care. Ruslan has been such a blessing at New Life!